* How To Place Your Order  

How to place your order, follow these steps



Place the items you wish to purchase into your shopping cart, enter Quantity then click Add to Cart button.



After you have all your items added to your shopping cart, click Checkout located at the bottom right side of every screen. Follow the instructions on each page and enter information as it is requested.



Enter your billing information as it reads on your credit card statement. You will enter shipping information later. If you are a New Customer then create a user name and password, then click Continue button. ( If you are a previous customers you need only to enter your user name and password that you used before. )



Order with International Billing Address, (We only accept Payments via Money Transfer From Bank to Bank).     Please contact us at CustServ@JCHsTools.com


Select your payment method, then click Continue button.



(For Drop Ship Services), Enter Drop Ship address information right on this page. Or if you are shipping to a different address other than your billing address, correct the shipping address here.

Note: UPS will not ship to a P.O. Box . Please enter a physical shipping address only), then click Continue button.



Order with International Shipping Address.   Please contact us at CustServ@JCHsTools.com



Select your preferred shipping method. UPS Ground is selected by default, then click Continue button.



Please double check your order. Make sure that all information is correct, then click Purchase Order button.



Credit Card Users: Enter your CC number and your expiration date, then click Continue button.

PayPal Users: You will be sent to the PayPal log in page to complete the payment. After payment is complete, click Return to Site on the lower right side of the final PayPal page.



Your order is complete. The final page will show you the completed order including Order Number. This is a good time for you to print this page for your records.





Thanks, Customer Services